The Firm

icone-webWith over twenty years in the market, Jefferson Ramos Ribeiro Advogados Associados has been present in all legal and economic areas. The structure is guided by corporate governance with the adoption of legal measures and solutions for cases and through the development of preventive work, with the intention of eliminating and/or mitigating problems and negative impacts of any kind.

Founder Jefferson Ramos Ribeiro and his team provide legal advisory and Consulting services in the tax, company, regulatory, civil, labor, environmental,  maritime, bankrupcty, criminal and intellectual property law areas.

The success garnered over twenty years is based on the term “excellence” regarding transparency, preventive and repressive foresight, high-quality customer service throughout its legal and administrative personnel in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasília, along with partnerships throughout the country and abroad and investments in qualification at national and international teaching institutions.

Innovation allows the Jefferson Ramos Ribeiro Advogados Associados law firm to enter its third decade of existence sharing all the experience and global vision for legal advisory and consulting.

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