Tax Law

1. Tax Challenge and Recovery (Return in Cash and Compensation) – Administrative and Court Path

1.1 Federal Taxes;
1.2 State Taxes;
1.3 Municipal Taxes.

2. Tax Planning

2.1 Legal form of tax burden reduction without risks for the taxpayer;
2.2 Legal form of protecting partner and company goods through preventive and repressive planning, even for companies with greater liabilities.

3. Administrative and Judicial Defenses and Appeals – Tax Assessment – Tax Enforcement and Stays of Execution – lawsuit aiming to cancel debt without pledging goods

3.1 Federal Level – Brazilian Federal Revenue Service (IRPJ, CSL, COFINS, PIS, IPI, IOF, Social Contributions for INSS and others);
3.2 State Level – ICMS, IPVA, transmission tax and others;
3.3 Municipal Level – ISS, IPTU, transmission tax and others.

4. Restructuring Project

4.1 Company regularization aiming to obtain certificates for public bids. General cost reduction;
4.2 Suggestion for other markets according to the activity (internal and external).

5. Legislation Analysis

5.1 Consultations;
5.2 Opinions;
5.3 Legal and adequate tax treatment for the activity;
5.4 Customs Area – Importing and exporting – classification, seizing, unclaimed, customs procedures, infraction notices, judicial defense and administrative appeals, judicial measures, tax incentive project, internal and international taxation, treaties and conventions.

Consult with the tax area specialist.