Maritime Law

1. Consultation and execution of administrative procedures before the Control Authorities, opinions, adoption of preventive and repressive measures, actively and passively, in the judicial sphere, choice and guidance in the national and international arbitration fields, including:

1.1 Ship, cargo, freight, overstays, grievous private damage;

1.2 Recovery of maritime credits;

1.3  Sequester, embargo and detention of the ship and/or cargo;

1.4 Navigation accidents: collision, ramming, fire, beaching – Maritime Court and Port Captainship;

1.5 Freight contracts and transporter bill of lading;

1.6 Construction contracts and ship funding;

1.7 Towage, assistance and rescue contracts;

1.8 Ship purchase and sale;

1.9 Ship mortgage;

1.10 Establishment of navigation companies;

1.11 Ship owner and ship registration before the Brazilian Special Registry (REB);

1.12 Maritime and customs law;

1.13 International agreements and covenants, as well as administrative actions for navigation regulating authorities;

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