Labor Law

1. Judicial Labor Law

1.1 Respondent, also referred to as Defendant:

1.1.1 Elaboration of defenses (labor complaints, termination, review, injunctions, third party stays, public civil lawsuits and etc.);
1.1.2 Filing of labor appeal;
1.1.3 Rejection of calculation and appeals;
1.1.4 Management of labor judicial litigation.

1.2 Complainant, also referred to as Plaintiff:

1.2.1 Labor lawsuit filing;
1.2.2 Filing of labor appeals;
1.2.3 Preparation of calculations, enforcement, reasons to reject and appeals.

2. Administrative Labor Advice

2.1 Preventive consulting:

2.1.1 Orientation for compliance with labor laws;
2.1.2 Orientation for compliance with DRT rules and others;
2.1.3 Preparation of opinions;
2.1.4 Preventive and repressive labor consultations (legal entity, individual and union);
2.1.5 Management of administrative labor litigation;
2.1.6 Orientation in collective agreements and others.

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