Environmental Law

1 Consulting advice involving administrative procedures before the Environmental Control Authorities, to wit:

1.1 Environmental impact study (EIA/RIMA/RAP);
1.2 Acquisition of installation and operation licenses (LI/LO);
1.3 Degraded area recovery plan (PRAD);
1.4 Assessment and monitoring of fauna and flora (LMFV);
1.5 Agreements and TAC – Terms of Conduct Adjustment.

2 Consulting advice involving administrative procedures before Investigating Authorities, including the Federal and State Attorney’s Office, Environmental Control and Judicial Litigation (civil public lawsuit, cautionary measures, injunctions, invalidity lawsuit, review lawsuit, defenses, appeals, civil inquiry, investigation follow-up and follow-up in all levels and instances), including:

2.1 Judicial Lawsuits;
2.2 Administrative Lawsuits;
2.3 Civil Inquiry;
2.4 Environmental Due Diligence (company acquisition, associations, general activities and others);
2.5 Consultations and opinions (legislation, administrative and judicial case law and doctrine);
2.6 Law projects and constitutional amendment (analysis and reflections in company activity).

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