Criminal Law

1 Jefferson Ramos Ribeiro Advogados has a team specialized in criminal law. The office is in tune with the whole political, economic, legislative and case law scene in criminal matters. That among the activities we can mention:

1.1 Consultative and preventive advice to companies by their representatives to conform to the laws in force at the federal, state and municipal levels (Compliance Policy);

1.2 Expertise in civil investigations by the public prosecutor, police investigations, complaints and criminal actions (defenses, appeals and habeas corpus), promoting the protection of legal entities by their representatives and individuals in general in the criminal field;

1.3 Assistance in crimes committed in the business context, such as crimes against the Environment; Crimes against the tax segment; crimes against social security; crimes against the financial system; crimes against consumer relations; crimes against the economic order; crimes against the capital markets; crimes against intellectual property; money laundry; crimes against the public administration; bankruptcy-related crimes; crimes against the organization of work; crimes against public health; among other crimes provided for in the Penal Code and Extravagant legislation.

1.4 Aid to companies under investigation, in repression and fraud combat policy;

1.5 Due diligence in the criminal context.

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