Company Law

1. Company Law

1.1 Transformations:

1.1.1 Demerger;
1.1.2 Spin-off;
1.1.3 Merger;
1.1.4 Consolidation;
1.1.5 Transformation from LLC into a Public Limited Company;
1.1.6 Transformation from a Public Limited Company into an LLC.

1.2 Company Models:

1.2.1 Constitution of a Limited Liability Company;
1.2.2 Constitution of a Public Limited Company;
1.2.3 Constitution of an SPC – Specific Purpose Company;
1.2.4 Constitution of an EIRELI;
1.2.5 Minutes writing.

1.3 Company Matters:

1.3.1 Judicial and Administrative Company Litigation before “Boards of Trade, Civil Registry Offices and SEC”;
1.3.2 Accountability;
1.3.3 Company dissolution and liquidation;
1.3.4 Consultations and opinions on company matters, including publicly traded companies.

1.4 Company Acquisitions and Selling:

1.4.1 Company assessment;
1.4.2 Advisory and Consulting aiming to acquire or sell companies (due diligence);
1.4.3 Preparation of the intention protocol, purchase and sale contract, contractual amendments and others.

Consult with the company area expert.

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