Bankruptcy Law

1 Jefferson Ramos Ribeiro Advogados participated actively in the improvement of the new Bankruptcy Law (Law No. 11,101 / 05) and Complementary Law No. 118/05 through legislative suggestions. The office has potential to create innovative solutions in matters involving bankruptcy, judicial recovery and extrajudicial, without disregarding other office areas with their respective specialties, namely:

1.1 Solutions to buying and selling of companies in financial difficulties;

1.2 Methods resulting from experience for recovery and crediting (recovery or bankruptcy);

1.3 Incorporation of companies intended for representation of creditors in committees and meetings of creditors;

1.4 Linear model of negotiation and renegotiation of bank liabilities, suppliers and abuse analysis;

1.5 Development of plans and judicial and extrajudicial recovery strategy;

1.6 Analysis and monitoring of all bankruptcy proceedings in all its branches, including the criminal sphere;

1.7 Years of experience enable consulting and legal advice at all stages of bankruptcy proceedings, bankruptcy and “judicial and extrajudicial” recovery, both for the debtor and for creditors.

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