Social Liability

The entire legal and administrative team has an important part in charitable institutions with technical support. Gathering new peers and making society aware of the essential nature of this behavior that can and should be a virtue shared by all.



Ação Cristã Vicente Moretti

Address: Rua Maravilha, nº. 308, Bangu – RJ – CEP: 21810-100

Tel.: (21) 2401-9533 / Contact: Sandra de Souza (President)

Needs: Baby bottles and nozzles, Mattresses, Soy Milk, Mucilon, Rice, Infant Formula, Neston Vitamin, Sustagen Fruits (other than chocolate-flavored), Bed sheets, Towels, Socks, Sweatpants, Clothes, Toys, Adult Diapers.


Casa Sorriso da Criança

Address: Rua Professor Silva Campos, nº. 131, Freguesia – Ilha do Governador – RJ – CEP 21911-255

Tel: (21) 3366-0421 / Contact: Ana Paula

Needs: Toys, children’s clothes, shoes, non-perishable food.


Instituição Favo de Mel

Address: Rua Pernambuco, nº. 58, Paulicéia – Duque de Caxias – RJ

CEP: 25080-030

Tel.: (21) 3652-2886

Needs: Toys, Children’s and adult’s clothes, shoes, non-perishable food.


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