Jefferson ramos ribeiro

OAB/RJ 79.978 and OAB/SP 341.173

  • Tax Lawyer;
  • Member of the ABDF – Associação Brasileira de Direito Financeiro (Brazilian Financial Law Association);
  • Member of the ILADT – Instituto Latino Americano de Direito Tributário (Latin American Tax Law Institute);
  • Member of the IFA – International Fiscal Association;
  • Member of the ABRADT – Associação Brasileira de Direito Tributário (Brazilian Tax Law Association);
  • Member of the APET – Associação Paulista de Estudos Tributários (São Paulo Tax Study Association);
  • Worked as Vice-President of the CCLJ – Comissão de Constituição Legislação e Justiça (Constitution, Legislation and Justice Commission) of the Brazilian Bar Association in Rio de Janeiro;
  • Taught post-graduate courses on Tax Law at UNESA;
  • Mediator and lecturer in many events involving tax matters;
  • Post-Graduate degree – Tax Law – UNESA;
  • Post-Graduate degree in Civil Law – UNESA;
  • Post-Graduate Civil Procedural Law – UNESA;
  • Law Program – Company Law and Stock Market - FGV
  • Master's degree in Tax Law - PUC - Pontifícia Universidade Católica;
  • Courses: Basic Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Personal Department, Tax planning, Cost Accountability, Tax Law, Public Accounting with focus on FGV Tax Liability, IVA Analysis Course and Corresponding Taxes in the European Union/USA/Latin American countries, Practical course in PIS/COFINS/IPI/ICMS-RJ/SP credit, International Tax Law Course, Transfer Price Course, Legislation - Normative Acts and Customs Procedures, Rural Accounting Course, SPED/FCONT/RTT/DACON Course, PER/DCOMP Course, New Brazilian Accounting Rules Course, E-Social Course and others.


Roberto bloise

OAB/RJ 172.428

  • Graduation - Universidade Gama Filho;
  • Post-Graduate Degree – Labor Law and Procedures at Escola Superior de Advocacia – ESA;
  • Post-Graduate Degree - Labor Law and Procedures - IBMEC;
  • Courses: Labor Law and Procedures, Labor Constitutional Law and others.


Fernando Nina

OAB/RJ 79.367

  • Graduation – Universidade Santa Úrsula;
  • Course - Digital Procedures - OAB/RJ
  • Post-graduate degree in civil law and civil procedures – IBMEC.


Cinthia Gilio

OAB/RJ 109.635

  • Graduation – Universidade Gama Filho;
  • Post-graduate degree – Civil Procedure Law – Universidade Estácio de Sá;
  • L.M. Tax Law – FGV – Fundação Getúlio Vargas;
  • Courses: Tax Law, Basic and Advanced Accounting, Tax Law, Tax planning and others.


Allan Stephan Vasconcelos Nobre

OAB/SP 320.765

  • Graduate – UNIDERP;
  • Post-graduate degree - GDLAW – Civil Procedure – FGV-SP.


Cristiano Cabral De Andrade

  • Legal Consultant;
  • Graduation – Universidade Candido Mendes;
  • Funcex – Foreign Trade course;
  • Worked in the Regulatory Area.


Luiz Alexandre Primo Aguiar

OAB/RJ 156.394

  • Graduation – Universidade Estácio de Sá;
  • Post-Graduate degree – EMERJ – Escola de Magistratura do Estado Rio de Janeiro;
  • Post-Graduate degree – Tax Law - IBMEC.


Alexandre Faria

OAB/RJ 79.915

  • Graduation at UFRJ – Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro;
  • Minor in Project Management at the Dinsmore Institute – EUA;
  • He worked as a Legal Director of the company Targa S/A “Lemgruber” for seven years;
  • ASBRATEM Legal Director;
  • CBPDS Sports Tribunal Lord Justice, he was reelected four time;
  • Labor Law Expert.


Thiago Henriques Da M. G. Corrêa

OAB/RJ 153.114

  • Graduation – UFRJ;
  • Post-Graduate degree – Tax Law – IBET;
  • Post-Graduate degree – Tax Law – FGV;
  • Post-Graduate degree – Tax Planning – FGV;
  • Tax Law Expert.

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